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London After Midnight News

LAM's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). These are just a small handful of questions that have been sent to LAM. If you have a question, just ask (see the Contact link on the left):

  • London After Midnight (LAM) CDs aren't available where I live. Why?

    Actually LAM CDs ARE available ANYwhere in the world at all record stores, through any and all online stores, through all legal download services like iTunes,,, and direct from the LAM website. You can even buy LAM CDs on , the website and many other major stores! See a partial list of stores that sell LAM music here.

    If you can't find LAM CDs in your local store it simply means they are sold out or never bothered to order them in the first place, or LAM's wonderful record labels never bothered to supply the stores. So, all you have to do is ask that the store order the CDs. Simple, huh? The stores are able to order for you, no problem. LAM's CDs are distributed in virtually every part of the world, so they are readily available to any local store, ANYWHERE in the world. If the store tells you they can't get the CDs then they are lying to you. However, record labels can also be VERY lazy, so you also can send an email to LAM's record labels and ask them to stock your local stores! (email addresses listed below)

    YOU CAN HELP LAM! Contact every store you can and ask them to order LAM CDs, shirts and other products and contact LAM's labels and tell them to stock your local stores.

    If you are having problems getting your local store to order LAM CDs please tell LAM's record labels immediately:

  • Does LAM have a song called "Gothic", "Love Song", "Goth Club", "Wrathchild America", etc?

    No. These are not titles of LAM songs, and "Wrathchild America" is not an LAM song. And many songs labeled as LAM are often not LAM songs. But, the LAM song "Spider and the Fly" is often mislabeled on illegal filesharing services as "Gothic", and the LAM song "HATE!" is often mislabeled as "Love Song". These songs are available for legal download at at a much higher quality, and/or available on the CDs 'Selected Scenes from the End of the World' and 'Psycho Magnet'. Both these CDs are available in any music store, online from (USA, but they ship world wide),, or (Europe), and directly from the LAM Online Store.

    A general request about illegal filesharing: Please tell people who illegally fileshare LAM's music that they are hurting the bands by stealing their music. PLEASE do not put LAM music or videos onto file sharing services, on YouTube, etc. If people want to sample LAM music please direct them to the LAM website, the LAM YouTube page, LAM on Spotify or any other streaming service, etc. See the Links page of the LAM website for a complete list of official LAM websites and online profiles with samples of LAM's music. If you must put an LAM song online, please only place a partial song online, not the entire song. This way, people get a taste but will have to support the band and buy the CD to hear the full version.

  • Did LAM's name come from the 1927 Lon Cheney movie?

    From an interview with Sean Brennan: "SEAN: I got the name from the lost 1927 silent film. Being familiar with film since childhood after reading about it in film books, I chose the name because no one knew what it was at the time (early 1990s) and the name was atmospheric, evoking a mood and emotion. To me the name evoked imagery ranging from danger to romance; from a foggy night in London during the blitz in WWII, to simply a name that is open and can interpreted by the listener any way he likes. When I named LAM no one but a handful of film fanatics knew what "London after Midnight" (the movie) was, and that was the intent. But just a couple of years later the internet was born and now everyone knows. It's a lost Lon Chaney film that's actually not a horror/vampire film, as often stated. It's about a murderer who is "mind fucked" into confessing to his crime. The police utilize the Lon Cheney "vampire" character, an actor in the story, to fool the murderer into thinking he is surrounded by vampire type creatures, driving him to the point of insanity and eventually confessing to his crime. So, in reality, it's not a horror film. It's about affecting the state of mind in order to achieve some truth. Much like I try to do with music, touch people's minds and emotions- sparking thought or feeling or making them face (sometimes uncomfortable) truths. Or it's just a cool name."

  • Is there an LAM song called "October"?

    A discography with this information can be found on the History page of the LAM website (see link to left). LAM used to play a song called "October" that was originally written by Sean for a band he played in briefly as a kid just prior to starting LAM. LAM only included this song in its repertoire for about the first year of existence and released it on the original 4 song demo tape. The song was soon taken off the tape and replaced with "Revenge", which was soon released on the CD "Selected Scenes from the End of the World".

  • What is the song "Revenge" about?

    SEAN: The full title of "Revenge" is actually "Revenge: Written in vulgar disgust of ignorance, prejudice and jealousy". This is printed in every CD booklet. That extended title is a bit is a take-off on Byron's satirical poem "Of English Bards and Scottish Reviewers". I have an old book of Byron's works and the title includes something similar, "written in vulgar disgust...", etc. The poem condemned some poets and reviewers Byron disliked at the time. "Revenge" sort of touched on similar themes but also spoke to humanity's willful ignorance and cruelty.

    About the Hitler sample in "Revenge", I wanted no mistake that the song was condemning the mentality of superiority and destructive cruel arrogance rather than endorsing it, a mentality I was beginning to see surface and become dominant even in the goth scene, a scene that was supposed to be more enlightened. And with a sample of Hitler you don't really think of anything but anger, disgust and repulsion.

  • What do the "Jesus Hates Me" shirts mean?

    The "Jesus Hates Me" shirt was the second shirt ever made by LAM in the early 1990s, re-released in the early 2000s. It was designed ONLY as a non-verbal response to people preaching Christianity to Sean when they saw him, thinking that because of the way he looked he must be some sort of "devil worshiper" or just generally in need of religious salvation. Believe it or not, there are many of these conservative types in Los Angeles. The shirts were created when LAM started in the early 90s as a way to simply say "fuck you" to such people. It was humor. Sadly some people can't make the connection between the "Jesus Hates Me" shirt and the common phrase thrown about by religious freaks "Jesus Loves You". Thus, they fail to see the shirt as it was intended- a humorous response to hypocritical, ignorant, holier-than-thou people, hiding behind religion while judging another person (something that Jesus would have frowned up, I imagine :) ). Sadly, irony is often lost on the those with limited brain capacity, like conservatives and garden slugs.

  • Was LAM on the Montel Williams talk show?

    Yes, Sean was guest on Montel Williams in 1992, when LAM first started. The topic of the show was supposed to be "Gothic rock and its effect on young adults". This is why Sean agreed to be on the program, and why they asked LAM to be on the program (LAM was one of the most popular US bands related to the gothic scene). But once the day came to film the show, the producers 'dumbed it down' to grab some ratings; they changed the theme to "Vampire Rock" (Montel's interchangeable phrase for "Gothic" and a phrase they felt would grab viewer's attention). The program's producers booked some other bands that were there to simply shock the audience with little else to offer, and also booked an ultra-conservative Republican guest as a counter-point who made insane accusations against the bands.

    The other bands were essentially joke bands there for shock value: Dark Theater was an absurd Chicago-based band with a singer who claimed he was a "real blood drinker" and sang all about vampire fiction. The other band was Haunted Garage, an old Los Angeles band that played comical punk-like music and spat fake blood at their audiences, sort of Rocky Horror meets Monty Python. The right-wing Republican attacked the bands saying the music corrupts youth, promoted Satanism and drugs, etc. However, having announced that LAM was to be on the show by passing out flyers at local clubs, many of LAM's Los Angeles-area fans packed the audience (at least 350-400 LAM fans showed up, some had to be turned away), who luckily helped to drown out the right-wing Republican fanatic.

    It was clear when LAM arrived and the program began that the program's producers didn't have a clue what LAM was about and were simply diving into the realm of shock TV for rating's sake. Sadly, they just wanted controversy and not a real discussion of how music can influence kids. So they focused on image and their misconceptions of the gothic scene and misconceptions of the bands on the program. They even had LAM's name wrong in the chyron (chyron is the graphic device that generates lettering you see on a TV screen, etc). Some fans noticed this and corrected the TV crew before filming started. So the program clearly had no clue what LAM was all about from the start.

    The show aired the day the Los Angeles riots broke out (after police had beaten Rodney King and were acquitted of charges). It was the last "normal" TV show before several days of 24 hour riot coverage.

    Anyway- It's REALLY not worth seeing. LAM is hardly in it and the rest of it is quite boring.

  • Who is pictured on the original Metropolis Records edition of 'Psycho Magnet' and the cover of the 'Innocence Lost' video tape?

    Many people, for some reason, assume this is a picture of Sean despite the image looking absolutely nothing like Sean. Again- it's not Sean. No, it's not. Yes, we're sure. We would know, right? That photo was taken from an old issue of Interview magazine years ago - it's just a little girl all dressed up as an adult, symbolizing lost innocence, the theme of the CD 'Psycho Magnet'. Duh. :)

  • Were there other members of LAM?

    There have been other people who played live in LAM over the years but were either asked to leave or who migrated on to other things outside music. Like NIN or any other evolving music/art project, there had never been a regular live line up until recently. Sean Brennan writes all the music and records it on CD. You can check the liner notes to each CD for specific details.

  • Who is in LAM and who writes the music?

    Sean writes all the music in LAM and performs it for albums. The live band that plays concerts includes Sean Brennan, Michael Areklett, Pete Pace, and David Lawrie.

  • When did LAM play the first concert?

    LAM first played in the early 1990s at the legendary death rock/gothic club Helter Skelter in Los Angeles (located at the old Stardust Ballroom on Sunset Blvd, now torn down and replaced with a Home Depot). LAM was the first band to ever play the club after it had opened shortly before. Other bands to play there included Nine Inch Nails, Nitzer Ebb, the original Christian Death on one of their ill-fated reunion tours, and countless other acts. The founders of Helter Skelter later opened another long running Los Angeles club called Perversion. The name of this club was taken from a club night LAM did whenever the live band performed at Los Angeles venues like The Whisky or The Roxy in the mid 1990s. So yeah, Sean named Perversion. A little known fact.

  • Did LAM contribute to the 1994 books "The Vampire Encyclopedia" and "The Complete Vampire Companion", in which LAM is mentioned?

    No! Don't buy these books! These authors used LAM's name in their books without permission and the information contained about LAM is completely inaccurate. For example, "The Vampire Companion" stated someone else sang for LAM, that LAM was somehow related to the "vampire scene" (whatever that is), and also that the band no longer existed. "The Vampire Encyclopedia" made claims that were similarly untrue and inaccurate. Sean Brennan wrote to both authors in 1994 when the books were first released, and asked them to remove any mention of LAM- because the band wasn't related to the vampire subject and the information they printed was wrong.

    "The Vampire Companion" author didn't respond. The author of "The Vampire Encyclopedia" responded with a pompous letter stating he refused to alter his book, even though he acknowledged the information it contained was wrong. In 2005, after another edition of this book was released with false information, Sean Brennan wrote directly to the publisher. They assured him that they would remove all references of LAM from future prints. We're not sure that they actually did or not. Again, don't buy these books!

  • Is LAM a vegan band?

    Sean Brennan is a vegan. Since LAM's inception Sean has pushed the ideas of animal rights, veganism, and various progressive political and social issues in LAM's music and/or LAM's literature. Flyers from as far back as the VERY FIRST concert include advertising and articles on various animal rights and progressive political causes/organizations.

  • I saw a live video where Sean dedicated a song to someone named Sarah. Who is Sarah?

    That performance was during a the 2007 European "Violent Acts of Beauty" tour LAM did with the opening band Kirlian Camera. KC's violinist, Sarah, was a big fan of that particular song, "Heaven Now", from the new LAM CD 'Violent Acts of Beauty'. That was the last concert of the tour and KC had some problems with the local promoters that night, so Sean dedicated the song to Sarah.

  • Is LAM political? Why did LAM turn political?

    Wait, you're joking right? Have you been living in a cave? Did you hear "Your Best Nightmare", a song purposely written in the style of an Edward Gorey story, and think that defined LAM or something? Have you attributed others' views (or lack of) to Sean? Sorry, but this needs to be set straight- Sean has always been political- addressing social, environmental and political matters in his music and other LAM-related literature and forums (and stage performances) as far back as the first LAM concert. If you didn't know that then you haven't been paying attention. In addition to certain songs that address political or social concerns, LAM's flyers and literature (as early as the first days of LAM) showed pages of information about animal rights, human rights, environmental, and similar issues. VERY political. LAM didn't "turn political", Sean has always been political, even from his very early childhood! If someone thinks LAM "turned political" then this shows they know very little about LAM and Sean. But are you saying the 2007 album 'Violent Acts of Beauty' is all political? ThereÕs only ONE song that is blatantly "political" (America's a Fucking Disease) but while the other songs touch on important issues (like older LAM music) the songs can be interpreted any way the listener wants. So if you canÕt see past that one song then you have a very limited imagination.

  • Is the LAM page on Wikipedia accurate?

    No, often it contains some false and wrong information. There was a crazy guy (who was briefly banned from Wikipedia for "hostile editing" of band pages, including the LAM page) who added a lot of false, useless and/or misleading information to the page. Every time the page was edited to be more accurate this guy would revert it back to it's inaccurate state, thus making the page utterly useless. The LAM page on Wikipedia, therefore, is a very poor source for information. Please don't use it.

  • Who sings background vocals on "Carry On Screaming"?

    Sean, of course. Read the liner notes. :) There are no other singers on any LAM song with the exception of the song "Blessing", a song that features Lore singing some background vocals.

  • Has Sean done any side projects or sang with other bands?

    Sean sang on one of Lore's songs (called "Haunting") and also sang on a L'ame Immortelle song released in 2001 called "Life Will Never be the Same Again". Sean also helped with some minor arrangement of the vocal melodies. LAM also did a remix of a Pig song in 2016.

  • What country is LAM from?

    The USA. Sean was born in Connecticut.

  • Is LAM male or female? Is any person who plays in LAM gay?

    Sean Brennan and all live band members are male. There has never been a female live member. There are no gay members of the live band and Sean is not gay, though LAM fully supports LGBT rights.

  • What's the Gashlycrumb?

    The Gashlycrumb is the LAM newsletter and merchandise catalog, which has largely been replaced by the LAM website. Do not confuse the Gashlycrumb with "the gastly crumb", mentioned here.

  • Is Sean a Communist?

    No. This is a question that only surfaced after people saw the cover artwork for LAM's new CD 'Violent Acts of Beauty', which is reminiscent of old Soviet-era propaganda art. The similarity is intentional as some themes on the CD reflect the struggle against fascism, right-wing conservative corporatism and a society that welcomes dysfunction and self destruction rather than progressive ideas and compassion. See more on the interviews of this website page about this very subject. Also read Sean's interviews and writings on the LAM Community and Facebook page.

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