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London After Midnight News

Welcome to the London After Midnight Street Team. You can help promote LAM by spreading the word by distributing flyers, writing emails and Facebook/Twitter comments to all music and style magazines, making requests from any and all radio stations and club DJs, and asking stores to stock LAM music and merchandise. Also, write to festivals and clubs and ask them to book LAM. You have a great deal of power and you can make tours happen and empower the bands you like by reaching out to the magazines, clubs and DJs.
Please request LAM as often as possible from the clubs you attend and ask your local clubs and concert promoters to bring you an LAM concert. Also, we need to make sure that LAM CDs are readily available to new fans- so make sure the stores are stocked with LAM CDs (in both Europe and the USA LAM CDs are distributed by some of the largest distribution companies around, so ANY store in the world can order all four LAM CDs). All you have to do is talk to the store manager and ask them to order LAM CDs. It's easy! And we'll love you for it!

Current Activity, 2015:

General LAM promotion: You can download this poster (pictured right) which is a general advertisement for LAM CDs, including LAM's latest CD "Violent Acts of Beauty"! It's an 8.5x11 inch full color photo. You can print this poster out, enlarge it to 11x17 or even cut it in half using a graphics program and print it in two 11x17 halves, making a huge 22x17 poster!
(If you can't open the document after it's downloaded you can download Acrobat for free here).

CD promotion: LAM has some postcards that you can put in clubs, take to concerts, pass out at your school, place in stores, mail to your friends, etc.. We'll have more once the forthcoming LAM CD is closer to release.

So if you want to help, please send an email with your postal mailing address and an estimate of approximately how many postcards you might need. We will mail some cards to you. LAM also has a limited number of posters, too. So just send an email to:

Letter writing campaigns: If you want to see LAM tour to your part of the world, then help out by writing a few letters. Send emails to any magazines, radio stations and stores demanding LAM. Don't limit yourself to what is listed here, contact anyone and everyone you can and ask them to give London After Midnight some coverage in the magazine or airtime on their radio station!

  • Write to Alternative Press Magazine (email:, Revolver Magazine (email:, and any other magazine you can think of.
  • Write to XM Satalie Radio and request LAM music. (email: Call toll free at 866-267-0448.

  • If you're in the USA, write to Hot Topic and let them know you want them to carry more LAM merchandise! See this link to submit your requests.

  • If you're in Europe, write to X-tra-X and ask them to carry LAM shirts and other merchandise! (email is:

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