London After Midnight


LAM at Sick New World fest

LAM's Violent Acts of Beauty is available worldwide! Violent Acts of Beauty became the number one seller at Music Non Stop (UK) when it went on sale in late 2007 (see chart at right) and remained the number one seller at the Metropolis Records online store for 3 weeks in a row!

There are two versions of Violent Acts of Beauty; the standard 14 song jewel case with an amazing 20 page booklet, and a deluxe limited edition 16 song digipack with exclusive artwork and an amazing 20 page booklet (European release also comes with poster)! Both versions are available all over the world in all stores and online!
VAOB TRACKLISTING: The Beginning of the End, Feeling Fascist?, Nothing's Sacred, Heaven Now, America's a F-cking Disease, Complex Messiah, Republic, Fear, Pure, The Kids Are All Wrong, Love You to Death, The Pain Looks Good on You, Nothing's Sacred Extended Club mix (digipack limited release only), Nothing's Sacred Edit Club mix, Nothing's Sacred original demo (digipack limited release only), America's a F***ing Disease-edit mix.

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