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London After Midnight News

Violent Acts of Beauty is here! Scroll down to sample every song and see review of each song at the bottom of this page!

LAM's latest CD Violent Acts of Beauty is now available worldwide (along with LAM's other 3 CDs, too)! Violent Acts of Beauty became the number one seller at Music Non Stop (UK) when it went on sale in late 2007 (see chart at right) and remained the number one seller at the Metropolis Records online store for 3 weeks in a row!

There are two versions of Violent Acts of Beauty; the standard 14 song jewel case with an amazing 20 page booklet, and a deluxe limited edition 16 song digipack with exclusive artwork and an amazing 20 page booklet (European release also comes with poster)! Both versions are available all over the world in all stores and online! You can order NOW, see links below.

TRACKLISTING: The Beginning of the End, Feeling Fascist?, Nothing's Sacred, Heaven Now, America's a F-cking Disease, Complex Messiah, Republic, Fear, Pure, The Kids Are All Wrong, Love You to Death, The Pain Looks Good on You, Nothing's Sacred Extended Club mix (digipack limited release only), Nothing's Sacred Edit Club mix, Nothing's Sacred original demo (digipack limited release only), America's a F***ing Disease-edit mix.

ARE LAM CDs AVAILABLE IN MY LOCAL STORE?: Yes, all LAM CDs are available in all your local stores. YOU can assure that by asking your local CD store to order LAM's CDs for you. ANY store in the USA, Canada, Australia, and all over Europe can easily order any of the four LAM CDs in print. PLEASE help LAM by demanding your local stores carry LAM CDs. Just ask them! See the Street Team page for more ways to help.

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Violent Acts of Beauty, what it's all about...

    There are hidden meanings to everything. From the cover art to the music itself, LAM's new CD is laced with symbolism, double entendres and hidden messages.

    In the past Sean Brennan has presented us with thought provoking visions of beauty with his musical project London After Midnight. Wrapped in an appealing package were tales of love, abuse, betrayal and ecstasy that transcended genres and, it turns out, transcended time; the music Sean Brennan writes has earned a long lasting following.

    Often Sean's music manifested itself as poetic visions of larger social issues, like the songs "Revenge" or "Kiss" which touched on bigotry and politics (personal and societal), and abuse at the hands of religious leaders. As foreshadowed by these songs, we are now living in dark times and they call for revolutionary thought, actions, and art. And Sean Brennan delivers with his most powerful, most disturbingly beautiful, and his darkest work to date.

    Long an advocate for various progressive and social issues, animal rights and environmental causes, Sean delivers his new CD "Violent Acts of Beauty" wrapped in controversial imagery of a world in turmoil, double meanings, visions of solitude, a population obsessed with ego and destruction, and a creator (or Creator?) frustrated with his creation - all set to a beautiful and unique sonic landscape that defies description.

    Opening with "The Beginning of the End" Sean Brennan presents an anthem for a generation disillusioned with hypocrisy and blind devotion to cruelty. The opening sample of a man cursing may well be directed at the listener as much as the world around him - nothing is held back and no one is safe now from well-deserved wrath. Anger, solitude and a frustration with willful ignorance shines through beautifully touching melodies, making for an anthem-like finale that is sure to be a favorite with fans.

    "Feeling Fascist?" is next and is a phenomenal sonic bombast that blasts the listener with a frightfully accurate view of our world gone mad. An instant classic not only due to the clever lyrics but to the sheer, unprecedented power and energy. London After Midnight asks the musical question "Are You Feeling Fascist"?

    Next up is "Nothing's Sacred". God's response to the song "A Letter to God" from LAM's second CD 'Psycho Magnet'. An instant dance-floor hit. God responds to mankind and lays blame where it is due.

    "Heaven Now" follows and if you thought LAM's immortal song "Sacrifice" was something special, you are in for a treat. Beautifully melancholy piano, touching heartfelt melodies... mankind lashes out and demands Heaven... now.

    And then we come to the soul of Sean Brennan's magnum opus, "America's a Fucking Disease". Another sexy grinding song along the lines LAM's "Kiss", Sean Brennan mixes the 1960s/70s protest music with his own sound and stunning lyrics to present another frightfully accurate picture of an ignorant country mad with ego and power- one of the few overtly political songs on Violent Acts of Beauty, this song deals with the conservative mindset of a willfully ignorant public and a conservative media that sells right-wing corporate propaganda. Not an American? This song can certainly apply to your corporate sponsored leaders as well! The Revolution will not be televised. The revolution is you.

    "Complex Messiah" follows and is the portrait of a creator frustrated with his creation, frustrated with the beings he is forced to interact with and rely upon. Take this any way you want. But you won't soon forget this little gem.

    Next up is the controversial yet sexy song "Republic". It's a .50 caliber shot across the bow of a warrior, and his county, who goes to war without questioning why. Without questioning reality, history or facts. Trudging along like an army on the march "Republic" takes you by the throat and tells it like it is, with hints at a foreign culture seeping into the sonic mix. Stunning and disturbing, with a hint of irony, yet exceedingly appealing.

    With "The Kids are All Wrong" we see the touches of the 1960s present in the title. The song itself is a fantastic view of Generation-Ego set to a hell-born beat. The sample of Jim Morrison sums it all up; "You have be a politician or an assassin to be a superstar". And today that's what everyone wants- to be a superstar, regardless of the costs.

    In the song "Fear", Sean takes on the frustrations of being in the limelight and presents it with a huge slap in the face... and then a kick in the balls with steal toed boots. "Fear" launches its rebuttal to years of false accusations and petty jealousies with a powerful blast of sarcasm that is a unique mix of genres and sound-scapes.

    If "America..." is the soul of Violent Acts of Beauty, then "Pure" is the heart. Sean opens up completely on this masterpiece. Ranging from quiet piano and airy synths to brooding and heavy distortion set to military drums, "Pure" lets the listener into a world of self-imposed exile and the lyrics hint at a private war, disappointment in fellow beings and the imagery invoked provides the backdrop for the battle and illustrates the ravages reaped upon the battle-weary.

    "Love You to Death" is next and is beauty wrapped in a sinister package, much like LAM itself. Sexy, sensual, but scary. You can't help but think of some of the things Sean Brennan has had to endure at the hands of obsessed people to come up with this beauty.

    Last but not least we have "The Pain Looks Good on You", which is a portrait of humanity in denial. Humanity's desire for power and desire for conflict. Musically we hear hints at a society ancient and extinct. Perhaps a foreshadow of what's to come for modern man?

    Overall, with "Violent Acts of Beauty" Sean Brennan has exceeded expectations after the prolonged birth of this beast. "Violent Acts of Beauty" is bound to please old fans and new fans alike. The music is truly touching while at the same time disturbing because its based in reality, all the while being very, very appealing. Past LAM releases intimated at what was possible. LAM's new CD shows us what is real.

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